So I had a random thought on my way to work the other day. I’ve been playing a Link Between Worlds and I love that they have Majora’s Mask sitting on the wall in Link’s House. It got me to thinking of everyone’s worst nightmare, Gannondorf wearing Majora’s Mask. Talk about terrifying. I ended up trying to concoct ways in which we could realistically see some representation of his idea, canon or not.

I thought of the “source” of Majora’s Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman.


In Ocarina of time, he is largely benign, but in Majora’s Mask he is creepy, manipulative, and downright diabolical (see above). It’s assumed that he is the only character in Termina who is the same as his Character in Hyrule. He traveled far. and ended up getting robbed by the imp in the forest. The forest which adults are supposed to be unable to travel though. This Mask Salesman is powerful and dangerous. We all know this. We also know that he manages to get Majora’s Mask but we do not know from where.

I thought of some scenarios where the Mask Salesman and Gannondorf meet. Gannondorf hires him to find the mask, but he gilts Ganondorf and bolts to Termina. There’s a bunch of possibilities. I thought that it would be cool to see it all as an hour long drama on TV. Then I began to think of how it would be set up. It would be weird with the time travel stuff.

But I remembered one show that constantly jumps between times. Once Upon a Time. My mind exploded with ideas! They can make a Legend of Zelda show in the style of Once Upon a Time. Each episode can be both with adult Link and young Link. Like in Once Upon a Time, whats happening in the past can be relevant to whats happening in the present. So, when adult Link is in the forest, Young Link is too. Of course, it will not follow the stories exactly. Certain aspects must be changed to make more sense. The Hookshot must be made magical, since its mechanically impossible with their technology. Link cant carry all those weapons around, so he’ll have to find them or plan ahead, or switch them before leaving home. But it will work.

So, we have the basic format set up. The story can start with Young Link walking into the Temple Of Time and taking the Master Sword, then Adult Link awakens as the Hero and young Link reverts back to the beginning, when Navi wakes him. Lets say, episode 1 is young Link acquiring the Kokiri Sword, and Adult Link learning to use the Master Sword. The season goes on. Young link cures the Deku tree, Adult Link clears the Forest temple. Young Link meets and develops a friendship with Epona and Malon. Malon helps Link sneak into the Castle to meet Zelda. Adult link Rescues Epona from the guy whose name I have forgotten. But we change the story a little. Link and Adult Malon unite to save the ranch, they bond, they romance. Link saves the whole ranch, not just Epona. Because heroism. I think most important is that Link+Malon are canon, not Link and Zelda.

Young Link goes to Death Mountain and is invited to a great feast by Darunia (as a messenger of the royal family). At the feast, link plays Saria’s Song on the ocarina. The Gorons love it. Link teaches them the song. They repay him with the strength bracelet. Dodongo’s attack the dinner and Link kills them while the Gorons freak out. In the future Link meets Darunia’s son, Link, who tells him about Volvagia the dragon and gives him the magic tunic.  Young Link enters the dodongo’s cavern while adult Link enters the Fire Temple. Lets have an episode where Adult Link needs to go back into the cavern for something he couldn’t get as a kid.

Link can’t carry giant bombs, so the bomb bag is small. Bombs are more like grenades, but bomb flowers are gigantic. Young Link kills the Dodongo king with a bomb flower. Adult Link and Darunia fight Volvagia together. Darunia has the hammer. The dragon disarms him, and link lifts up the mighty hammer and uses it to make the final blow.

Young Link goes to Zora’s Domain and spends the day playing – doing the diving competition, going to Lake Hylia, etc. He finds the bottle with Ruto’s note, and brings it to the King. He climbs into Jabu Jabu’s mouth and down his throat. Adult Link finds Zora’s Domain Frozen. He searches for signs of life and finds the king frozen in magical ice. He goes to check on Jabu Jabu, who is gone. However, he sees a cave that is now accessible due to the ice. He thinks that maybe some Zora’s are hiding there. Inside he finds blue fire and a Zora Tunic. Shiek appears to him and tells him that Ruto has headed to the Water Temple at Lake Hylia to fix everything. Link uses the blue fire to Revive the King and heads to Lake Hylia. Lake Hylia is drained and link uses the Zora tunic to enter the temple. Young Link rescues Ruto. Adult Link and Ruto work together to defeat Morpha. Dark Link appears from Link’s reflection in the defeated Morpha. Young Link must sneak back into the castle to find Zelda. He has the stones!

There are no guards at the castle. Link walks right in. Soldiers are down. Gannondorf is making his move on Zelda. Link runs into the throne room. Gannondorf Kills the King. Impa and the Queen fight Gannondorf. Zelda Arrives, and the queen orders Impa to take her and flee. The Queen faces Gannondorf alone. Link tries to save the Queen, but is easily tossed aside by Gannondorf. Gannondorf chases Zelda. Link chases Gannondorf. Using a secret passage shown to him earlier by Impa, Link sees Zelda outside the gate. She tosses the Ocarina into the water. Gannondorf arrives and offers Link amnesty if he tells him where Zelda went. Link refuses, and Gannondorf attempts to kill him, and rides off. Link lies badly beaten, the image zooms in on the water where the ocarina is. Link retrieves it and uses it to open the temple of Time. He takes the Master Sword and is propelled forward in time. Gannondorf enters the Sacred Realm. Season over.

Adult Link faces off against his Dark Visage. Season ends where we see Dark Link has traded places with Link. Link becomes trapped in the Water Temple while Dark Link leaves with Ruto (unbeknownst to Ruto).

Season starts with Sheik (who is played by a female, but is viewed as male by all the characters) meeting up with Dark Link (who he thinks is Link). Sheik noticed that Link is off, and asks what happened in the Water Temple. Dark Link plays the “battle hardens you” card. Sheik doesn’t buy it. He asks Malon to try to talk sense into Link, who has stopped trying to rescue sages and was off canoodling with Ruto. Malon confronts Dark Link and quickly realizes that something is not right. He does not recognize her. She mentions Epona and Link ignores the mention. Malon tells Sheik that something is wrong, so Sheik and Malon go to the water temple, which is now flooded with water except for at the reflecting pool, where Dark Link appeared. They find Link and rescue him. Dark Link has the Master Sword, so they set a trap for him. Link has had time to reflect on how he lost to Dark Link and manages to get the Master Sword back from him and defeat him.

Adult Link goes back in time to go under the well. Adult Link enters the Shadow Temple and rescues Impa. We start to see flashbacks of Zelda and Impa’s adventure. Adult Link goes back in time to the Spirit Temple.Link befriends Nabooru. Nabooru is taken by the witches. Link goes forward in time. We see Nabooru flashbacks of her time imprisoned by Twinrova. Link tries to rescue Nabooru as young Link after traveling back. Link and Nabooru defeat Twinrova. Link hears that Gannondorf has been searching for a weapon. Gannonorf has sent the Happy Mask Salesman to find this weapon. They have heard only whispers of Majora’s Mask.

I’l stop my ranting now. All I will say is that while this is going on, the Happy Mask Salesman is the “Rumpelstiltskin” of the story. He has his hand in everything, and his motives are never clear. His true motive is to recover Majora’s Mask, which makes a few appearances passively in the story up until this point. Gannondorf thinks the Salesman is getting the mask for him, but the salesman wants it for himself. The Salesman sometimes helps the rebels (Anti-Gannondorf) and sometimes helps Ganondorf. However, he always seems to have sinister intent.

I ask Nintendo to let me be a writer for this show when they see my concept. Americans will love it. It’s dark, edgy, and complex. It takes all our favorite parts of the Legend of Zelda and gives it to us in live action. Just don let Disney touch it or it will die by the end of the second season because they’ll charge too much for syndication (I’m looking at you, Legend of the Seeker.) Rant officially over.