I’m a hardcore Bernie sanders fan. I am all about what he’s about. I’m 100% for social programs to help the lower and middle class. I’m all about reigning in Wall Street corruption and reducing the power of the prison industrial complex. I’m a million percent for government funded college tuition. I understand that an economy cannot remain stable without regulation. I understand the need for police reform. I understand that corporate greed and trickle-down economics have failed the common American. Bernie Sanders is a force for great good in our country.

It is no mystery why millions of Americans are clamoring for Bernie Sanders. He’s relatable, sociable, and cares about the things the lower and middle class care about. He supports Black Lives Matter, he supports the decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs, and he supports ending our wars abroad. He really seems to care about the American people.

However, he isn’t the only person aiming for the Democratic nomination. Hilary Clinton started this race with a strong lead over Bernie. Most people didn’t even know who Bernie was. Clinton maintains that lead, though the next two months or so will be the real game changers in that race. The thing is, many Bernie supporters are staunchly opposed to Clinton. Just check out Bernie Sander’s Dank Meme Stash for a plethora of Bernie on Clinton hate. Check out any Pro Hilary or Anti Bernie news article to see myriad comments of Bernie supporters bashing Clinton. Hell, check out pro Bernie articles for the same stuff.

I understand you want your preferred candidate to win the nomination, of course.  You should be like that in defense of your candidate. However, it reaches a dangerous area when you meet the “Bernie or Bust” crowd. These are people who refuse to vote for Clinton, even if she is the democratic nominee. They refuse to vote at all if Bernie isn’t nominated. These are the people who reject the logic that not voting for Clinton is essentially voting for the republican candidate. These are the people who think that voting for Clinton is the same as voting republican. These are the people that absolutely terrify me, and that make me have less and less respect for Bernie and his cause. If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, part of me will blame these zealots for it.

Why? Well, it all began yesterday. I read this article about how Hilary is essentially a Republican. I would call Hilary a moderate Democrat, certainly not a republican, but that’s a matter of personal philosophy. The content wasn’t entirely the issue… except it was. Most of the things on that list were very accurate complaints about Hilary and her similarities to the Republican Party. There was one, however, that made me realize that the person who wrote the article didn’t have the full scope of the issue at hand.

“3) I don’t vote Republican because I’ve always supported gay people’s civil liberties and the Republicans who’ve barely come around to supporting gay marriage this decade are doing so only because the polling now supports it.”

This statement really frustrates me. Why does it frustrate me? Because it’s inaccurate. It is true that Hilary recently changed her opinion on same sex marriage. What’s incorrect is that republicans are also changing their opinions. Every single one of the republican candidates has on their agenda to reverse the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. Every. Single. One. So Hilary may have only recently come around to the idea, but she will not be actively trying to reverse it like Trump or Cruz would.

This shows me one thing: That these Bern or Bust people do not fully understand the magnitude of this election. They do not understand the importance of not allowing a republican candidate into office. They want universal healthcare and free college tuition? Well the GOP candidates want to repeal Obamacare and dismantle the department of Education, which will make insurance prices skyrocket and will certainly make it more difficult and expensive to attend college without federal funding to those schools through the Department of Education. Clinton doesn’t want to do that. The republicans want to “simplify” the tax code and remove the IRS, which would literally put millions of people out of jobs. Clinton may be a “status quo” candidate, but at least the current status is not as horrible as it would be with one of these republican nutjobs.

But that’s the issue. These Bern or Bust people just don’t get it. They just don’t understand the severe magnitude of the situation. I am terrified of a GOP presidency, because I do not want the government to be systematically dismantled by a power hungry fool. Bernie fans are all about their memes and their bashing of Hilary, and it’s quite immature.

We’ve all seen the iconic meme that has an issue as a headline, and an image of Bernie and his position under it, and a picture of Clinton and her position under it. These have been played off to emphasize Clinton’s lack of connection with the people she is trying to represent. But it is incredibly frustrating to me. She doesn’t need to be hip and young to be an effective president. She doesn’t need to agree with hipster college student on everything to be a good democratic candidate. This is an irresponsible and immature sentiment to hold about someone.

And finally, a president is only as effective as their congress. People complain that Obama hasn’t done enough of his promises, but that is due directly to opposition in the House and Senate from GOP lawmakers. Clinton is moderate, so it is easier for her to negotiate with GOP lawmakers. Bernie’s plans are door-in-the-face strategy. Do you really think the Senate will approve all of it? Definitely not. Not in a million years. They will either never see any sort of fruition, or be drastically altered.

But this is only one possibility. Voting gives you the power. You go to vote. You select your president. You select your representative. You select your senator. If you don’t show up, you don’t select anything. Someone else does. If Bernie isn’t selected as the nominee and these people remove themselves from the political process, then Bernie’s adventure would have been a waste. The things he made us realize about our society would be useless information.

So please, vote for Bernie in the primaries, and if he doesn’t get the nomination, please vote for Clinton. Pretty pretty please? Especially if that psychopath Cruz gets the GOP nomination.